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Winkhaus Scorpion Latch 3 Hooks 2 Rollers Split Spindle Multipoint Door Lock - Option 2 (top hook to spindle = 690mm)

Winkhaus Scorpion Latch 3 Hooks 2 Rollers Split Spindle Multipoint Door Lock - Option 2 (top hook to spindle = 690mm)
  • Winkhaus Scorpion Latch 3 Hooks 2 Rollers Split Spindle Multipoint Door Lock - Option 2 (top hook to spindle = 690mm)
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This Winkhaus AV2 multipoint door lock features 2 Rollers3 Hooks & 1 Latch.

This Scorpion lock features rollers as well as hooks for compression. If lift lever function is required, use with a solid spindle.

The AV2 autolock multipoint lock was introduced by Winkhaus in 2008 and it was designed to offer convenience to users and to maintain security standards. The result is a lock that operates as soon as the door is closed, without the need to lift the handle to engage the hooks.

The quickest way to identify the product, before removing it from the door, is to check the faceplate. You'll spot a Winkhaus logo and, often, a Secured by Design logo. The AV2 version of the Winkhaus is identified by checking the operation of the lock.

Usefully, all Winkhaus locks feature the same routing details. Therefore, if you wish to change the locking operation, or upgrade to automatic locking, its a straightforward process. New keeps and handles may be required.

Winkhaus AV2 autolock multipoints are often specified on fire doors which require multipoint locking. Fire Door tests require doors to be tested in the latch position only, without the locking points being engaged. This is to simulate how a door may be commonly closed, however, it can create problem with achieving a satisfactory fire test result as the door leaf can bow and twist in the heat. The problem is eliminated with AV2 as the lock engages automatically in three positions helping to hold the door leaf in place against the intumescent seals and thereby achieving a fire door rating. Please note that the fitment of an AV2 lock does not mean that the door meets fire door standards and you should take specific advice.

Av2 autolocks are commonly fitted with a motor to allow for motorised locking and unlocking of doors. The locked door can be opened from the inside as usual with the door handle, or from both inside and outside using potential hands free opening products such as fingerprint, audio/visual intercom systems or even face recognition.

All Winkhaus gearboxes, apart from the AV4 measure 185mm high x backset + 15mm, making them the smallest gearboxes on the market. They measure 64mm between the latch and deadbolt and 63mm from the spindle to the top of the gearbox. They also feature a groove above the spindle to aid in the fitment of handles with a screw above the lever.

Winkhaus AV2 multipoint lock gearboxes feature an alloy sprung latch and nickel plated steel deadbolt. Most AV2 locks also feature an independent central deadbolt, but a latch only version of the lock is also available.

AV2 gearboxes are distinctive as they are handed. Certain models have a latch reversal screw which, in theory, makes it possible to reverse the latch on an AV2 gearbox. However, the hooks on the lock cannot be reversed and many AV2 gearboxes will have the latch reversal screw blanked off, so you should chose the appropriate handed gearbox when replacing a broken lock.

Winkhaus gearboxes are attached to the faceplate with a set of rivets. These can be easily removed and replaced for gearbox swaps but makes Winkhaus relatively unique (and therefore easier to identify) in the market. Please refer to our guide and video on how to replace a Winkhaus gearbox for full details.

Please note that you may have encountered a really old Winkhaus gearbox that is attached to the faceplate with screws, with a passivated yellow finish. The sticker on the side (red = key wind and blue = lift lever) will denote the operation of the lock. These locks were handed and are no longer available.

The autoLock AV2 features two solid hooks which throw automatically when the door is closed, ensuring complete claw engagement and security against the lock being pushed back. As the door locks automatically, a security risk is eliminated for users that may find it challenging to lift a lever.

Please note that these hook boxes are handed as they sit slightly offset, ensuring greater compression against the frame.

Winkhaus Autolock AV2 hooks also have the added benefit of being thrown when the door is closed, ensuring that the door is held in place across its entire length. This helps prevent doors from becoming warped or bowed.

Operation: Split Spindle

Upon closing the door the snib below the hooks engages with the strike plate throwing the hook bolts.

The hook bolts are now deadlocked.

To further secure the door a turn of the key will throw the central deadbolt.

To unlock turn key to withdraw deadlock then either turn key again to withdraw latch and hook bolts or pull handle down to withdraw latch and hook bolts.

To lock the door

1. Lift the handle upwards to engage the locking points.

2. Lock the locking points and main deadbolt (if present) by turning the key.

To unlock the door

1. Unlock the system by turning the key.

2. Push the handle downwards to disengage the locking points and retract the latch.

  • Secured by Design
  • Tested to 100,000 cycles

We stock a range of associated products for Winkhaus AV2 multipoint door locks, including keeps, spindles, handles and accessories.

Latch Reversal: Push in latch a screw will appear in back of lockcase. Undo the screw to remove the latch. Reverse, reinsert and replace screw.

You may find this lock used as an UPVC door lock or an aluminium door lock.


  • Manufacturer: Winkhaus
  • Backset: Select from drop-down - How do I measure the backset?
  • Centres PZ: 92mm - How do I measure the centres?
  • Faceplate: Select from drop-down - How do I measure the faceplate?
  • Spindle Size: 8mm
  • Rollers: 2
  • Hooks: 3
  • Latch: 1
  • Main Gearbox: Latch & hookbolt
  • Operation: Select from drop-down - What is the operation?
  • Spindle: Split 8mm
  • Handing: Non handed
  • Distance Between Inner Locking: 1390mm
  • Distance Between Outer Locking: 1580mm
  • Height: 2105mm
  • Top Hook to Spindle: 690mm
  • Bottom Hook to Spindle: 700mm
  • Top Roller to Spindle: 785mm
  • Bottom Roller to Spindle: 795mm
  • Door Material: UPVC, Aluminium


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