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7 Reasons to replace door locks in your home

Thursday, 17 May 2018

7 Reasons to replace door locks in your home

To protect your home from theft and intrusions, you need high-quality door locks. Your door locks are the first line of defence when your property is targeted by opportunistic thieves, hence why it’s essential that you invest in secure locks for your home!

As soon as security is compromised, you need to make sure that you replace your existing locks with new ones, this will allow you to regain control of your property.

When it comes to updating your locks, whether it be a complete upgrade or a simple addition of padlocks, you can rest assured that LockShop Direct have a complete range of locks and padlocks that are guaranteed to match your security needs.

There are countless reasons why you need to replace your locks, including the following:

Tenants moved out

Depending on the circumstances, you should consider replacing your door locks with new ones. For nasty circumstances like separation and divorce, changing the locks tends to be one of the first things that homeowners do.

Any tenants or roommates that have moved out may have had a key cut to your property, so even though they returned the one that you issued to them, they could well still have one. Spare keys leave your property at greater risk of being broken into, hence why you need new locks to deliver a sense of safety and security.

Moving property

Perhaps you’re moving into a brand-new house? Although there wouldn’t have been any previous owners, you cannot be too sure just how many copies of your keys have been made. Installing new locks to your doors will provide you with the peace of mind that there are no duplicate keys anywhere- and what’s more, the door locks supplied by LockShop Direct are priced suitably for all budget requirements.

Wear and Tear

Like anything else, your door locks can deteriorate with age, leaving you with no option but to update them. Any locks that show signs of weakness or deterioration need to be replaced with new ones, otherwise your safety could be compromised, and your property could be more appealing to burglars!

Choosing not to update your lock will make it easier for burglars to gain access to your property because your locks will be easier to pick. The installation of padlocks and new locks can be used as a deterrent for thieves, protecting your property from break-ins.


If you’ve recently had your personal space invaded by criminals, the need to replace locks is vital! When intruders break an entry, they damage your locks (unless you leave the front door unlocked).

Whether it be lock manipulation or the picking of locks, your doors won’t be secure after a break in. Not replacing your locks will leave your property vulnerable to repeat break-ins, hence why it’s so important that you change them.

Whilst in your property, burglars could have tampered with your locks, making it easier for them to enter your property in the future. LockShop Direct supply a wide range of padlocks that enable you to upgrade security whilst restricting unauthorised access.

Lost or Stolen Keys

When keys are stolen, you should automatically assume that they have ended up in the wrong hands, therefore you need to replace them immediately. There’s no time for hesitation, you need to replace your door locks to protect your property from intrusions.

If you’re constantly misplacing your keys, you may have to ask someone with a key to help you to regain access to your home. To eliminate the inconvenience, a Yale smart lock from LockShop Direct could be ideal.

Smart locks are innovatively designed to make it easier for you to control home security without the need for a key. The easy to install smart locks are an ideal replacement for any home and are guaranteed to complement the aesthetics of your property.

Looking to Upgrade

Have your door locks seen better days? Replacing door locks goes hand in hand with renovation projects. If you’re updating your property, why not consider replacing your locks with new ones to maximise functionality and performance?

Something as simple as fitting padlocks to your door will instantly enhance the style of your property, as well as improving the level of security.

From the extensive range of padlocks available at LockShop Direct, you’re bound to find something that matches your exact requirements so be sure to check them out today.

Lifestyle Change

Unfortunately, locks tend not to be designed with the needs of those with disabilities in mind. For some people, the ability to insert, twist and turn keys can prove to be challenging, making it difficult for them to enter their own home.

If you’re experiencing difficulty with your door locks, LockShop Direct may just have the solution for you. One of the most suitable locks that they supply for such lifestyle changes includes the versatile smart locks.


Replacing your locks with long-lasting locks will provide you with quality assurance. Any of the replacement locks from LockShop Direct are manufactured to the highest quality and can resist physical attack.

When updating them, LockShop Direct can provide you with a bright, new addition that’s visible for any guests to your home. No matter which door lock you choose, you needn’t worry about increasing security and receiving excellent value for your money.

Need to know more about the locks from LockShop Direct? Call them on 0845 830 0832 today.

Author: Richard Nash

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