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Master Key Systems



Master key systems are a convenient solution for accessing multiple doors without the hassle of carrying individual keys. These systems are not only practical but also offer enhanced security features. With a master key suite, you can easily control access to specific areas and even establish different key levels within the system.


For instance, you can introduce sub master keys that grant access to certain areas. Let's say you have four buildings, each with its own sub master key. Additionally, you can have a grand master key that opens all locks in all four buildings, providing comprehensive access control.


Master key systems can also accommodate communal locks, such as common entrance doors. This is particularly popular among landlords who own apartment buildings. With a communal lock setup, multiple individual keys can open the same lock. This means that tenants only need to carry their flat key, which grants them access not only to their own unit but also to the main entrance door.


In this scenario, landlords would hold the master key, ensuring that they have access to both the front door entrance and all the flats as needed. With a master key system, landlords can efficiently manage access and provide convenience for their tenants.



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Q: What is a master key system?

A: A master key system is a sophisticated locking system that allows for multiple levels of access within a building or property. It involves a hierarchy of keys, where a master key can unlock multiple locks, while individual keys can only unlock specific locks.


Q: How does a master key system work?

A: In a master key system, locks are specially designed to accept different keys. Each lock has its own unique key, known as a change key, which can only open that specific lock. However, there is also a master key that can open multiple locks within the system. This allows for convenient access control and reduces the number of keys needed for different areas.


Q: What are the benefits of a master key system?

A: A master key system offers several benefits. It provides enhanced security by allowing authorised personnel to access specific areas while restricting access to others. It simplifies key management by reducing the number of keys needed, making it easier to keep track of and maintain. Additionally, it offers convenience and flexibility, as one key can open multiple locks, saving time and effort.

Q: Can a master key system be customized to fit my specific needs?

A: Yes, a master key system can be customised to meet your unique requirements. Whether you need different levels of access for different departments, buildings, or individuals, a professional locksmith can design a master key system tailored to your needs. They will assess your security goals and create a system that provides the desired level of access control.


Q: Are master key systems suitable for residential properties?

A: Yes, master key systems are not limited to commercial or industrial properties. They can also be implemented in residential buildings, such as apartment complexes or multi-unit properties. A master key system can provide convenience for property owners or managers while ensuring the security and privacy of individual units.


Q: Can a master key system be upgraded or expanded in the future?

A: Yes, a master key system can be upgraded or expanded as your needs change over time. Whether you need to add more locks or modify access levels, a professional locksmith can assist you in adjusting your master key system accordingly. It is a flexible solution that can adapt to your evolving security requirements.


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