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High Security Combination Padlocks (10)

Searching for a combination padlock? The kind that allows you to secure buildings, bikes, gates, lockers and sheds? Be sure to check out our extensive range today, here at LockShop Direct.

We provide combination padlocks that can be recoded to a number that’s easy for you to remember. These padlocks are ideal for when multiple users require access as they reduce the hassle of carrying keys and cards. You can also change the code as often as you like for extra protection.

When it comes to selecting the best quality high-security combination padlock, either for personal or business use, it can be so confusing with so many to choose from. You will need to carefully consider several factors such as the size, functionality, and type.

Here’s a list of the best combination padlocks on the market:

  • Squire CP40 recodeable high-security long shackle combination padlock
  • Squire SS50C stronghold steel closed shackle recodeable combination padlocks
  • Master Lock 1175LH pro series resettable combination lock
  • Kasp 119 high-security combination padlock
  • Master Lock Excell stainless steel outdoor combination padlock

Types of combination padlocks

Basic combination lock (one-dial) – This type of combination lock uses a three-digit code that consists of numbers only. These padlocks are cheap and sometimes resettable but prone to cracking.

Resettable combination padlocks (three-dial) – The user sets the code that consists of letters, numbers, or both. Codes can be reset.

Resettable combination padlocks (four or five-dial) – Just like the previous type, the 4 or 5-dial combination padlocks require the user to set the code. It uses letters, numbers, or both, and the code can be changed. However, this type has a larger number of possible combinations than the 3-dial type.

1-dial padlocks

The code comes with the 1-dial padlock, although you can set it. Some of them even come with a manual for setting the code. Once you have set the combination, you can use it with a chain or on a locker. The shackle passes through an opening.

To open the combination padlock, you then need to enter the combination and spin the dial to the right to stop the arrow on the first number. Spin the dial back to the left, stopping the arrow on the second number. Eventually, spin it back to the right stopping the arrow on the third number. Then the padlock will snap open.

Multiple-dial padlocks

You employ the same technique as in the 1-Dial padlock. Slide the shackle over or around the item to secure it. This type of combination lock is similar to the locks found on briefcases. Once you set the code, the lock is unlocked by properly lining the numbers in order. Each dial consists of a set list of letters or dials. The code is the arrangement of those numbers or digits. Once you have lined up the set dials, the shackle clicks open.

Contact LockShop Direct

If you have any questions about any of the combination padlocks, we have in stock, feel free to contact us on 0330 174 0851. Alternatively, send an email to, and a member of the team will get back to you. 

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