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Padbolts (15)

Here at LockShop Direct, we supply products to suit the requirements of all customers. Within our collection of padlocks and chains, you can expect to find the metal sliding padbolt. The padbolt is used to hold things in place securely, whether it be a door or a gate.

What is a Padbolt?

The padbolt is a popular method for securing your expensive products or equipment, preventing them from being stolen or damaged. We recommend a pad bolt for any medium to heavy-duty applications, including garden gate security. Not only are these bolts suited towards the toughest of environments, they are designed with your individual requirements in mind, ensuring that you choose only the most appropriate products for your application.

The pad bolt is available in a range of sizes and finishes, so you needn’t worry about finding exactly what you need to enhance the security of your property!

Design of Padbolts.

Any pad bolt from LockShop Direct is manufactured to the highest quality standards. We supply these bolts in some of the most renowned brands including Crompton, ILS and TSS, providing you with the confidence that they are reliable.

No matter which bolt you choose for your application, we make sure that they are easy to attach- ultimately saving you time and effort. The pad bolts heavy duty are suitable for any high-risk environments and can offer a prominent level of security.

Often, the pad bolts for heavy duty applications are made from stainless steel, maximising properties of exceptional strength and reliability. Although we supply the pad bolts heavy duty for outdoor use, they are also designed to suit internal doors or cupboards that need to be kept secure!

How do Pad Bolts work?

In terms of operation, the pad bolts heavy duty are simple. We are confident that any DIY enthusiast will be able to install a pad bolt to their door or gate in no time!

The metal bolt is slid across and engaged to hold the door or gate in place. Once the pad bolt has been engaged, the door will remain closed until the bolt is slid back in the opposite direction. After this, the latch can be pulled down to sit flat, beneath the loop on the bolt.

Although at this point the door will be fastened, you can secure the bolt further by fitting a padlock. The padlock should be fed through the loop to prevent the bolt sliding open or being opened by thieves.

Money-Back Guarantee.

Within our collection of pad bolts heavy duty, you’re bound to find what you need to keep your valuable equipment or tools safe! We provide the padbolt as a reliable alternative to chains, making it more convenient for you to control access to your property.

Any of the products available at LockShop Direct are manufactured to meet and exceed requirements (where possible), so should you find yourself unsatisfied with the quality of your products, we encourage you to get in touch with us right away and we can reimburse you- it’s part of the money-back guarantee that we provide!

Check out our extensive range of pad bolts here today!

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