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Smoke Alarms (6)

Save lives and prevent extreme fire and smoke damage in your residential or commercial property with a smoke alarm from Lockshop Direct.

Smoke alarms are effective alarm system that detects and alerts you to the emergence of smoke and fire on your premises.

Don’t compromise on safety – invest in a quality smoke alarm system from us today!

To discover more about our entire range of smoke and fire safety products, feel free to contact our team on 0330 174 0851

Why do you need a smoke alarm?

A smoke alarm is an essential device that every home should have. It detects smoke and alerts you in the event of a fire, giving you enough time to evacuate safely and call for help. Remember, a smoke alarm can be the difference between life and death.

What’s more, installing a smoke alarm can help to reduce your home insurance premiums, helping to save you money!

Smoke alarms from world-renowned brands

Here at Lockshop Direct, we only supply smoke alarms from trusted brands such as Abus and Yale, so you can be sure of their quality!

Each is tested according to DIN EN 14604 – the European Standard for smoke alarm devices, so you know all are safe for use!


Types of smoke alarms we stock

Smoke alarms, multi-sensor detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are different but lacking them in your home can have disastrous consequences.

Smoke alarms

We stock both replaceable battery and 10-year battery smoke detectors.

Our replaceable battery models are incredibly affordable but do require you to be on top of regular battery changes to ensure they will work as advertised, whilst our 10-year battery alarms are more expensive but require less maintenance, reducing demand on busy homeowners.

All the smoke alarms we offer are photoelectric alarms, also known as optical alarms, such as the EI Battery Powered Optical Smoke Alarm.

This type of smoke alarm is considered the most effective because it utilises a light beam to detect slow smouldering fires – heat sources that can eventually ignite a flame such as a lit cigarette in your home or commercial property.

Photoelectric models can be installed near kitchens as they aren’t likely to be triggered by smoke produced by burning toast – reducing instances of false alarms which can make residents inclined to ignore future warnings.

Multi-sensor detectors

Invest in an alarm that detects both smoke and heat with a multi-sensor detector – these alarms are much faster at responding to fires whether it’s slow smouldering or fast-flaming.


Carbon monoxide detectors

Protect your family, tenants, and employees from the potentially fatal effects of carbon monoxide poisoning with a carbon monoxide detector.

These potentially life-saving devices alert you to the presence of this undetectable, yet toxic gas, helping you to evacuate and call the Gas Emergency number on 0800 111 999 before anyone becomes unwell.


Talk to an expert

At LockShop Direct, we’re an established and trusted retailer of fire safety and protection devices.

Our knowledgeable team are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and expert guidance when it comes to selecting a reliable smoke detection alarm.

Want to know more about our smoke alarms and fire safety products? Or maybe you need to speak directly with one of our specialists.

If so, feel free to reach out and contact us by phone at 03301 740 851 or email us at and we’ll be in touch. 

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