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Mechanical Door Locks (113)

Mechanical door locks are a unique type of keyless locks that are programmable and used to secure different sections in your home, office, or garage. They are ideal for your home or office front or inner doors.

Here at LockShop Direct, we have a great selection of mechanical locks, also known as keypad door locks, that have been designed for many different security needs and uses. 

Based on the level of security you need and your budget, you can purchase a quality keypad lock that is tailored to your specific security objectives. It is always advisable to do your research on the available options and compare them to ensure that you choose the best one.

Why mechanical door locks?

The mechanical door lock is available in many varieties with different features. The advantages and the disadvantages of each option of mechanical digital locks are unique to the particular choice of locks and your choice is guided by a number of considerations.

Here’s how you could benefit from the combination door lock:

Ability to change codes with ease, as frequently as you need to. The mechanical keypad lock ensures high security and is designed to be similar to the re-keying feature of standard locks.

Mechanical keypad locks are bump proof and resistant to impacts which means that they are less likely to wear out when they are overused.

They feature an automatic locking feature that can enhance security, without setting them to deadbolt. A keypad lock will make sure that doors lock automatically, offering maximum security.

They are less dependent on batteries or electric power for operation. These locks rely on tumblers such as keys or punching in the correct code on the keypad.

Less hassle worrying about carrying and remembering keys. The combination door lock is much more convenient than standard locks and eliminates the risk of keys going missing, being stolen or damaged.

The keypad locks are ideal for exterior door locks and in areas that are susceptible to high volumes of traffic.

A mechanical digital door lock is carefully manufactured to withstand all weathers – even extreme weather conditions.

Quick and easy installation of locks; they can also be used to retrofit existing locks, making sure that there are no modifications or compromises.

To make it easier for you, some are programmable even without the master code – allowing you to gain access quicker.

With these types of locks, there are some negatives but with high-quality locks and proper management, the cons are negligible compared to the benefits. Some of these cons are:

The number of keys that are issued with these locks is limited, you usually receive one master key.

The combination door lock requires a digital numeric code; however, you have a limited choice when choosing a code. The codes tend to be no more than 6-digits and can have extra tumblers to customise the locks.

Security can be threatened if the lock is strained open or interfered with.

Contact LockShop Direct

Need to know more about the mechanical locks we supply? Feel free to get in touch on 0330 174 0851. We are always on hand to help and have a chat with you over the phone. If you prefer, you can drop us a message via our email:, or complete our online enquiry form. We try to respond as quickly as possible. 

Don't waste any more time…reserve your own mechanical door locks today while stocks are still available!

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