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Here at LockShop Direct, we supply a complete range of padlocks and chains, making it somewhat easier for you to secure your property. The door chain is just one of the products that we are proud to supply at LockShop Direct, providing you with an additional safety feature. We supply the door chain in several variations, accommodating for even the most diverse customer demands.

From the collection of chains below, you’ll discover a choice of lengths. At LockShop Direct, we supply the door chain in various lengths, to ensure that you find exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to enhancing security.

Door Chain.

If you’re looking for a high-quality chain that’s weather resistant, you’ve come to the right place! The door chain is not only designed to secure doors effectively, it also withstands impacts. As well as this, the door chain is used for many different applications, whether it be to secure tools, vehicles or buildings.

Any door chain that we supply is designed to be simple yet effective and incorporating a hardwearing design, the door chain lock is one of the most reliable products that we supply at LockShop Direct. Like any of the padlocks and chains that we have available, the door chain lock is robust, providing you with a long-lasting protective solution.

Door Chain Lock.

The main purpose of the door chain lock is to improve security, no matter where it’s used. With the door chain lock, you needn’t worry about maintaining a professional finish because they have a plastic sleeve which prevents rust. This plastic sleeve also protects the metal door chain against all weathers, allowing you to sustain high security standards, all year round.

No matter which door chain lock you choose from our extensive collection, it’s guaranteed to provide you with peace of mind. What’s more, the door chain enables doors to open to a certain extent, preventing unwanted intruders- hence why they are considered to be a safety feature!

When it comes to fitting the door chain lock, the process is quick and easy. Our door chain locks are designed to be flexible, allowing you to fasten them to almost anything/anywhere. Installing a door chain lock will restrict unauthorised access, allowing you to maintain a safe environment and to keep your valuable items secure.

Could a door chain lock enhance security within your home or business? Why not discuss your requirements in further detail with the team of experts, here at LockShop Direct by calling us on  0330 174 0851 today?

Security Chain.

Within the collection below, you’ll come across the security chain. The security chain provides physical protection against a wide range of impacts and pressures, allowing you to protect your valuable belongings from prying hands!

The security chain is designed to be tough and durable and is ideal if you’re wanting to secure your motorcycle or vehicle. At LockShop Direct, we provide the security chain at various security levels to allow you to protect your items reliably.

For motorcycles, our security chain can be used to prevent theft. The Ifam M10 is a high security chain that combines tensile strength with optimum flexibility to protect your vehicle from theft. Any security chain is designed to be easy to handle and can improve safety effectively.

Need to know more about the products that we supply? Get in touch with us today!

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