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Observation Mirrors (8)

Observation security mirrors are an essential component of any comprehensive security system. These wall-mounted mirrors are crucial in enhancing safety and surveillance in various environments.

Whether it's a retail store, warehouse, parking lot, or public facility, observation security mirrors eliminate blind spots, improve safety and deter theft.

Here at Lockshop Direct, we stock an extensive range of observation security mirrors to help you take a significant stride towards a more secure environment - to speak with us about your safety mirror needs, feel free to get in touch with our knowledgeable team today.

Why do you need an observation mirror?

Enhance site security in retail shops with an observation mirror. With their wide-angle view, and excellent image quality, an observation mirror offers an unobstructed view of surroundings and blind spots - this enables better visibility, helping to prevent accidents or criminal activities.

Installing observation security mirrors at store entrances not only enhances security but also acts as a deterrent for potential wrongdoers. Their presence sends a clear message that the premises are being monitored, reducing the likelihood of illegal activities.

Investing in observation security mirrors is a proactive step towards ensuring the safety of your property, employees, and customers.

Types of observation mirrors we stock

These mirrors are available in different shapes and sizes to suit specific needs. From convex mirrors to dome-shaped, each mirror is designed to cover a broad space, eradicate blind spots and improve the overall vision of your shop floor.

Convex mirrors

A convex mirror is a curved outward mirror with an expanded field view - this type is ideal for shop owners as you can see activities across the whole shop, rather than just from one angle.

Our convex range features acrylic-coated glass mirrors - the acrylic makes them highly durable and resistant to vandalism in shops, prisons and hospitals.

Dome mirrors

Dome mirrors are a type of convex mirror that provides a crystal-clear view behind corners within a specific area. Dome mirrors are usually screwed directly into position within one of the top corners of your premises you currently have a poor view of.

Why choose Lockshop Direct for convex mirrors?

Our observation security mirrors are crafted using high-grade materials, such as premium-quality glass and stainless steel to ensure excellent image quality and durability.

What's more, the range of wall-mounted mirrors we supply are straightforward to install and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use in most public areas.

After installation, they require minimal maintenance and provide long-lasting benefits to your business. Whether it's monitoring for theft, vandalism, or ensuring workplace safety, our observation security mirrors are an effective and affordable solution.

Get in touch with our team

At Lockshop Direct, we specialise in retailing the most effective and robust security equipment and devices for domestic and commercial environments. We have everything you need, from security mirrors to heavy-duty locking systems, to secure and protect your property fully.

To speak with an expert about your observation mirror needs, or to ask a question about delivery, feel free to call us on 0330 174 0851 or email us at and we’ll be in touch

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