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Finger Plates (15)

The finger plates that we supply, here at LockShop Direct, are designed with your needs in mind. The main purpose of our finger plates is to protect doors that are used on a regular basis and are installed to areas of high foot traffic.

Our finger plates can also add a decorative touch to your business, offering a stylish, modern quality, like no other. We suggest fitting finger plates to areas with a constant flow of moving people, this will allow you to protect your doors from showing early signs of wear and tear.

Often, the door finger plates are found on the opposite side to pull handles. By fitting these to the other side of pull handles, users will be able to push the door with ease but will reduce the appearance of grubby fingerprints and marks.

Door Finger Plates.

We supply the door finger plates to suit any home, budget or taste requirements, making it inevitable for you to find exactly what you need to enhance the appearance of your business.

You’ll find our door plates in several finishes, including brass, chrome and stainless steel. Depending on the finish you’re looking to achieve, we can supply a door finger plate that’s sophisticated and visually enhancing.

If you’re looking for door finger plates that are plain, we have just the solution for you. With brands like TSS and our own brand, you’re sure to find simple plates to protect your door opening.

Like any of the products that we supply at LockShop Direct, our door finger plates are designed to be quick and easy to install, saving you time, effort and money. Our TSS plates are not supplied with fittings but these will need to be purchased separately to ensure that your products fit perfectly and are held in place securely.

Door Push Plates.

The door push plates are a must-have for any commercial setting, making it easier for you to maintain the appearance of your doors. These finger plates are designed to incorporate the word “PUSH” to assist users to open your door (to either enter or leave your property).

When it comes to cleaning the door push plates, you can rest assured that it’s straightforward to do so, hence why our door push plates are perfect for any hygienic environments, allowing you to prevent the spread of contamination and germs.

The fact that the door push plates are engraved makes them especially reliable. Not only are they designed to protect your doors, they also sustain their quality for longer, providing you with the best value for your money.

So, if you’re looking for complementary door furniture, the door push plates are a fair investment to make. Designed to achieve maximum functionality, our finger plates are perfect if you’re looking to prevent signs of deterioration from opening and closing doors so often.

No matter which of the plates you choose from our extensive range of products below, you can bet that high quality will be combined with durability to accommodate your individual requirements.

Don’t hesitate to check out our finger plates here today!

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