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Ensure Extra Security with Window Locks

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Ensure Extra Security with Window Locks

LockShop Direct is a top UK provider of security mechanisms for all purposes, and they have created this brief guide to window locks to help you find your perfect combination of security features for your home or business.

So how should you go about choosing the perfect locks for your windows? Just follow these simple steps.

1. What Kind of Windows Do You Have?

Every home and business features a combination of different windows. Each different kind of window requires a different approach to security, so the best first step to take when purchasing new window locks is to take note of every different window model on your premises.

2. Match the Window to the Lock

Sash windows with fasteners - designs where the windows are opened by sliding the lower pane up - are not as secure as they may seem. A sash fastener is simply not enough to prevent forced entry. LockShop Direct stocks exceptionally durable Sash Window Locks, and also offers Dual Screw and Sash Stop Locks too.

uPVC windows should absolutely only be secured using specialist uPVC locks, which LockShop Direct can supply either with or without handles, while metal window locks - of which the company can offer a wide variety - should only ever be used on metal window frames.

Other options and features, such as trickle vents, can be installed to enable you to establish minimal access via windows while continuing to feel the benefit of fresh air.

3. Read Instructions and Ask Questions

If you have already found your desired new windows and are now looking into suitable locks, be sure to read all the information to hand about the design you have selected. It’s always important to double check whether any locks that come with these windows are actually the best option, as it’s very possible that another type that offers more protection will work perfectly with the composition of the window and frame you have chosen. If you are ever unsure about fitting a certain lock to a certain window, the customer care team at LockShop Direct are on hand to offer you help and advice when you call 0845 830 0832.

4. Always Keep an Eye on New Products and Offers

LockShop Direct’s website has a section devoted to new products that you should regularly keep an eye on to see what further protection your windows may benefit from. At the same time, there are often special offers available, meaning you can secure your home for less.

5. Take Note of the Warranty

LockShop Direct products each come with generous warranties to allow you perfect peace of mind. The company only stocks products from tried, tested and trusted manufacturers, but should any issues arise with their functionality, you will have the opportunity to have the issue rectified free of charge within a certain period.

6. A Touch of Class for Your Glass

Naturally, your priority must be to find locks that work perfectly with your windows and provide the highest level of security and functionality. However, to ensure their longevity, not only do you need to be certain that they are of the highest quality and that you do not subject them to too much unnecessary wear and tear, but you should also be sure that you will be happy with how they look for years to come. The aesthetics of your window locks are also extremely important, and LockShop Direct supply locks in a range of styles and finishes, so that you will be just as satisfied with the appearance of your windows as you are with their level of security.

Remember that 25% of burglaries are committed when an individual gains entry via a window, so making a concerted effort to be sure that your home is protected from this possibility will rule out a major threat. LockShop Direct can help you from the moment you begin looking into your preferred window locks to the day they are fitted, and beyond. If you have any queries, or require further information, simply contact the team on 0845 830 0832 or email, and a knowledgeable and friendly member of staff will be more than happy to offer you help and advice.

Author: Richard Nash

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