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Home security – Best practices to secure your home in 2018

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Home security – Best practices to secure your home in 2018

We’ve all been there before… left our keys in the door whilst rushing out.  
Don’t let burglars take advantage of your unlocked windows and doors- invest in new door locks from Lock Shop Direct today!

Did you know that 1 in every 4 burglaries is as a result of windows and doors being left open?

Burglars are opportunistic; leaving a spare key under the doormat or plant pot makes their job too easy.

Upgrading locks.

Your front door is not the only door that needs up-to-date locks- make sure you inspect all of the doors within your property, both on the interior and the exterior. We supply a range of locks including mortice latches and locks, anti-snap door cylinders and safe locks, making it easier for you to secure your home in 2018!

New property?

You should consider upgrading your locks if you’ve recently moved house. Although the previous owners should have handed in the keys to the property when they moved out, you can never be too sure how many keys were cut.

Upgrading the locks is the safest option, it ensures that only those with a key can gain access to your home.

Door security.

Within our extensive collection of door locks, we supply various anti-snap door cylinder locks. These make ideal replacements for any locks that are perhaps outdated or easy to pick.

The anti-snap cylinders can prevent intruders from breaking an entry to your property, ensuring that your valuables are protected.
What about Digi locks?

A Digi lock requires no keys, making it more convenient for you when leaving the house in a rush!
Instead of a key, these locks operate by a combination code. With a Digi lock, you have the opportunity to restrict access to your property, making sure that your valuables don’t end up in the wrong hands!

Garage security.

Our garage security solutions are guaranteed to suit your exact needs and requirements, can you afford not to enhance the security of your property? Pulling your garage shutter down doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s locked- always double check that it cannot be opened from the outside without a key.

You’ll discover garage security solutions from some of the best manufacturers on the market, Era, Enfield and Bulldog, to name just a few. Here at Lock Shop Direct, we supply drop bolt locks, the starwheel T handle and the electric key switch, allowing you to choose something suitable for your garage door!

Window security.

Windows need more than just a latch! Reinforcing your windows could act as a deterrent for burglars, ultimately preventing them from breaking into your property.

Window security is one of the best practices to secure your home; why not check out our range of window locks today?

The window handles, locks and keys that we supply are not only designed to enhance practicality, and they are also aesthetically pleasing and can act as a discreet deterrent for thieves.  

Investing in smart home security.

Smart home security systems incorporate various features that instantly make your property more secure. Whether you’re looking for an alarm system to prevent intruders entering your home or to protect the valuables you have within your property, you can bet we have a system with the features that suit your individual needs best.

Monitoring your property from your smartphone may seem too good to be true, however, we supply smart home security to allow you to secure your property, even when you’re not there! Our smart home security systems utilise the latest technology and innovations, offering a brand-new concept for securing your property.

An investment in the Yale EF-KIT3 smartphone Alarm Kit will provide you with the peace of mind that your property is secure and that all systems are functioning efficiently.  

Be sure to find the best practices to secure your home in 2018, call us on 0845 830 0832!

Author: Richard Nash

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