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How To Choose The Right Door Lock For You

Wednesday, 12 January 2022

How To Choose The Right Door Lock For You

Having appropriate locks on the doors in our home or office is essential for our safety, both at night and during the day.

For external doors, they keep us and our belongings safe, and have been found to prevent one third of burglaries

Internal door locks enhance privacy, which is important in any building to prevent unwanted access. 

The most common lock type is unlocked by a key with a unique shape to match. Only the people who have a copy of the key can then open the door. 

A more modern take on a door lock is a digital one, which needs a PIN (Personal Identification Number) code to unlock it. Only those who know the mixture of letters and numbers can then open the door. 

The wide range of locks available can be quite intimidating, making it hard to know which one to choose for the doors in your home or office. 

That’s where we come in. 

Our team has got together a list of questions to ask yourself, as well as the different lock types available, so you can pick out your new lock with ease. 


Questions to ask yourself 

If you’re planning on replacing your door locks, it’s important to understand what you need first. 

What type of door the lock will be used for, how you want to unlock it and how secure you want it to be are all vital things you need to be aware of before looking into a purchase. 

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before making a decision:

  1. Is my lock for an internal or external door?
  • If the lock you want to replace is for an external door, then you’ll need a high-security level lock. 
  1. Will it be the primary security measure for that door?
  • Some locks are decorative and are used for extra security. They’re great for bathrooms and bedrooms but aren’t advised for external doors. 
  1. Are the locks for a home or an office?
  • For a front door in a home, a standard lock that uses a key to open is the most popular choice. But in an office environment, you’re more likely to find a digital lock. 
  1. How would you like it to be accessed?
  • Would you prefer to use a key or a PIN to unlock your door?
  • Most offices use a keypad, so they don’t have to make copies of all the keys, whereas, homes tend to have a key. 
  • There are also locks for internal doors in the home, which don’t require a key or code to get in. 

Types of door lock 

There are many locks available for doors, making it hard to know which one is right for you. 


We’ve compiled a list of the most popular locks we sell to make life a little bit easier. 

Mortice lock 

Mortice locks are what we’d call a ‘traditional’ type of lock as they need a key to open them, making them very popular for external doors.

They’re safe and reliable, so are usually found in the front and back doors of homes, and main entrances of businesses like shops. 

With a key opening, everyone who lives there or is responsible for opening and closing the building needs a key. 

This way, you don’t have to remember a code to get in.

Despite their popularity, there is a danger that you’ll forget or lose your key, or even get it stolen. 

If no one has a spare key, you’ll be locked out of the building. 

Rim locks 

This type of lock tends to be more decorative than practical. 

Rim locks are popular for internal doors in homes to add privacy to bathrooms and bedrooms. 

They can also be used as a secondary security measure for external doors. 

The most common type of rim lock is a night latch, which is a spring-loaded device that automatically locks and is opened using a snib and turn handle opening. 

Or there is the deadlock, which again, locks automatically, but you need a key to open it from both the outside and the inside. 

Digital locks 

A more modern type of lock that is becoming increasingly e popular, is a digital lock. 

They require a code of numbers (and sometimes letters) to unlock the door. 

Digital locks are aimed at public environments like shops and restaurants to prevent unwanted access. 

They’re more flexible than a key, as you can change the code as often as you like to maximise security within the building. 

This is useful as you don’t have to remember to take your key out with you. 

You also don’t have to make multiple copies of the same key, which comes in handy when you’re a large company with many employees who need to let themselves into areas of the building. 

The only drawback of a digital lock is if someone forgets the code, or if someone changes it and doesn’t tell other members of staff, then people won’t be able to get in. 

If you do get a digital lock installed, you should be wary of this and make sure everyone is aware of any code changes. 

Upgrade your locks with LockShop Direct

When it comes to door locks, you want to shop with a company you can trust. 

Here at LockShop Direct, you’re promised the highest levels of security, as well as a wide range of lock types to choose from. 

You can expect a hassle-free service and an easy shopping experience, so you’re guaranteed to find the right security product for you. 

Get in touch now for expert advice and reliable products.

Author: Innocent Olwo

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