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How To Keep Your Belongings Safe When Moving House

Monday, 17 January 2022

How To Keep Your Belongings Safe When Moving House

Moving house can be exciting but – from packing everything up to moving items into storage and arranging a removal van for move-in day – it takes a lot of careful planning to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

With that said, you need to take the necessary steps to protect your valuable possessions against theft and damage.

Here LockShop Direct share a few top tips to make the big move a little easier – including simple things like using padlocks and having a plan of action.

  1. Don’t overshare – rule number one when moving house is to never publicise what you’re moving, when, and where you’re moving it to.

Whether it be telling someone over the phone or sharing something on your social media, you don’t want people to know that you have your expensive valuables conveniently boxed up, ready to go.

  1. Label everything carefully – whilst you could label boxes with what’s inside, it’s often better to state what room it’s destined for.

Instead of writing “designer bags” or “PlayStation” on a box, which can pique the interest of passers-by, consider labelling it with something less eye-catching, i.e. “master bedroom” or “kid’s room”.

  1. Move what you can into a storage unit – whether it be important documents, sentimental jewellery, sports equipment, camping gear, or even furniture, it’s worth moving items that you don’t need straight away into a self-storage unit – at least until you’ve settled into your new abode.

Whilst you will need to pay a monthly rental fee, most storage companies allow you to store your items for as long as you need and to access your unit at any time.

  1. Keep valuables with you – any medicines, money, electronics, and other items that you’d prefer not to keep locked away in a storage unit can be kept in a bag.

Alternatively, you could opt for a portable safe with a padlock or high-security lock and load it into the removal truck with everything else.

  1. Leave your security systems till last – it may seem a tad odd, but you’ll have to trust us on this one. Packing your home security system and CCTV cameras at the end will prevent opportunistic criminals from taking advantage of your empty house.

In the unfortunate event of someone breaking in, the camera footage can be used to identify them and will help you to recover the stolen items.

  1. Ensure the moving truck is secured – even if you’re hiring a removal van, it’s a sensible idea to check that it has a suitable lock fitted to ensure maximum protection for your belongings.

Our best advice would be to use a discus padlock. These tend to be slightly more expensive than other padlocks, but they can’t be cut off with bolt cutters.

Invest in new locks from LockShop Direct

Whether it be a padlock for your storage unit or the moving truck, you’re sure to find something suitable here at LockShop Direct. We provide a variety of padlocks online from some of the most renowned brands, including IglooHome, Master Lock, and Mul-T-Lock, to name just a few.

And if you’re looking to ramp up security at your new home, we also stock an extensive range of door locks. Ideal if you can’t be too sure how many keys have been cut in the past and who has access to your property.

To find out more about the products we sell at LockShop Direct, get in touch. You can either call us on 0330 174 0851 or email

Author: Innocent Olwo

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