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Introducing the Master Key System from Lock Shop Direct

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Introducing the Master Key System from Lock Shop Direct

One of the areas in which LockShop Direct specialises is the provision of access control systems, allowing business owners to carefully manage who is able to enter different areas. These systems also work to prevent any unauthorised entry from outside the organisation.

One of our most effective methods of access control is the Master Key system, which has been developed specially to enable multiple key holders to enter assigned areas. If you’re finding it a challenge to manage access for a number of locations or individuals, the Master Key lock system may just be perfect for you. Read on to discover just how it could help your business.

Easy Overall Access

Many people are familiar with “master key” systems already - the premise being that certain individuals, usually managers or business owners, are provided with an all-purpose key that allows them access to every room or area within their premises as a form of override. These keys are provided in case of emergencies and to allow more senior individuals immediate access all across their jurisdiction.

The Master Key lock system from LockShop Direct follows a similar principle. To implement its simplest form, our experts will install a series of mechanical locks throughout your suite that can all be opened with one key, as well as providing keys for each individual door. However, you can also choose an arrangement that is a little more sophisticated if needed.

Sub Master Access

As part of your Master Key system, we can also create “Sub Master” keys - either individually or in groups. This allows designated individuals access to a select group of doors, while the “Grand Master Key” is still able to open every door in the building. Below the Sub Master key tier, groups of keys can then be designated to each individual door.


Managers of blocks of flats and other residences are a good example of professionals who may find the Master Key lock system particularly useful. The Grand Master key can be used by landlords to access all areas, while the Sub Masters can be assigned to resident entrances and individual flats. This shows how different Sub Master keys can still be utilised to open one communal door, while also providing access to their own individual entrances. Furthermore, they are still restricted from entrances that are only accessible using the Grand Master key.

How the Master Key Lock System Can Help You

It is often a struggle to ensure that access to restricted rooms and areas is only available to the individuals that have permission - or are insured - to enter them. LockShop Direct’s Master Key system is an easy solution to this problem. All you need to do is explain who needs access to where, and let us work out the logistics!

To find out more about our Master Key system, or to enquire about our other products and services, simply contact LockShop Direct today via our handy online form.

Author: Richard Nash

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