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Spring Clean Time: 9 improvements to get done this March and April

Friday, 23 March 2018

Spring Clean Time: 9 improvements to get done this March and April

Clearing your property in the winter is nobody’s idea of fun but now the days are getting longer, why not prepare your property for new installations?


  1. Donate collectable items.

    The best place to start is to sort through any junk that you store in your home. Identify what you want to keep and what you don’t need or use. Holding onto belongings because they might come in handy is not recommended- if there are products that haven’t been touched in the last six months, it’s safe to say that you probably won’t miss them!

    Decluttering your property will allow you to make room for new products and furnishings, instantly making your property more up to date and valuable.

    Old clothing is a problem for many people. This spring; move with the times and update your wardrobe- donating any old items that you don’t wear to charity is always a great idea!

  2. Upgrade storage.

    To maximise the functionality of your property, consider replacing your outdated storage solutions with something new and innovative.

    Make sure that any cabinets you have installed in your property are easy to reach. Keeping your kitchen cupboards organised will allow you to utilise space effectively and you’ll be able to create a more consistent look and feel throughout your home.

  3. Improve home security.

    To provide you with the peace of mind that your possessions are safe and secure, LockShop Direct supply a complete range of products to make it easier for you to improve the security of your property, this spring. We are confident that you’ll find an appropriate solution for protecting your property, so what are you waiting for?

  4. Add value to your property.

    If you’re moving to a new house, have you got the time to make your property more valuable? Whether you’re planning on knocking walls down or simply cleaning your windows, tying DIY endeavours in with your spring clean will allow you to deal with issues effectively.

    Try to incorporate natural light into your property too; this will not only create a bright, airy feel within your home but is bound to make it more valuable.

  5. Invest in CCTV.

    CCTV installations provide around the clock monitoring and surveillance, allowing you to keep an eye on any criminal damage. If you don’t currently have CCTV installed on your domestic property, we have just the solution!

    Our burglary deterrents are guaranteed to put off intruders. The Dummy CCTV cameras are extremely effective and designed to look exactly like working CCTV cameras, making it impossible for burglars to know whether they’re being recorded or not.

    If you already have burglary deterrents installed to your property; dust away the cobwebs and wipe camera lenses clean to create sharp, clear images, this spring.

  6. Secure windows.

    As the weather gets warmer, we are more inclined to open windows. The main problem with this is that we can often forget to shut them before we leave the room or even worse- the house!

    Leaving windows open will only leave your property wide open to burglars, providing them with easy access to your home and assets. LockShop Direct can help you to protect the valuables within your property by supplying suitable window locks.

    Our window locks are part of an extensive collection, including some of the most renowned brands, like ERA, Yale and Fab N Fix. Be sure to check them out here!

  7. Update locks.

    Leaving doors ajar can provide a comfortable breeze throughout the summer but this isn’t recommended! Prying hands are waiting for homeowners to leave their doors unlocked but doors that are unlocked and open are even better!

    To prevent intruders entering your property, we suggest keeping all doors locked. Whilst having a clear out this spring, think about updating the locks on your doors. LockShop Direct is home to a wide range of door locks, but you want to make sure that you choose the very best one for your door.

    You’ll find anti-snap lock cylinders along with safe locks, meaning you’ve no reason not to invest in an appropriate lock for your home!

  8. Make your property look lived in.

    With the holiday season quickly approaching you can bet burglars are on the lookout for empty properties. Homes that are empty are often an easy target for burglars.

    If you have a summer holiday planned, now is the time to invest in deterrents to protect your property from break-ins. Here at LockShop Direct, we don’t only supply dummy CCTV, we also provide alarm systems and floodlights to make sure that your property is well lit.

    Another way to make your home look lived in is to provide a neighbour with a key for your property and to ask them to turn on the lights and open the curtains; fooling thieves into thinking that there is someone home throughout the day!

  9. Fit locks outdoors.

It’s thought that the average shed is used to store up to £1,000 worth of valuables! With so many expensive pieces of equipment, your garden shed can appeal to opportunistic criminals. Making sure that your garden furniture and tools are safe is extremely important, not only because they are expensive but because they can be potentially dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands.

The shackle padlocks are an ideal investment to make, allowing you to restrict access. The padlocks and chains that we have in stock are designed to be sturdy and reliable, so you needn’t worry about securing your equipment.

As well as these padlocks, we also supply the bike locks and chains in an assortment of colours. The locks and chains for bikes offer a secure storage solution and can be used to fasten bikes together- making it harder to move or steal them.


If you’re looking to make improvements this March or April, LockShop Direct can provide you with products that are quick and easy to install. We also have a complete range of respectable brands available for you to choose from, allowing you to improve the security of your home, in time for the summer.

For more information, contact us today!

Author: Richard Nash

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