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Take your garage security to the next level with these three handy tips

Friday, 23 August 2019

Take your garage security to the next level with these three handy tips

Garages are where we keep some of our most valuable belongings. These include cars, of course, but also power tools and sometimes even favoured belongings like electric guitars and surfboards for which we have little room in the main body of our house.

However, the security of the average garage is actually concerningly easy to circumvent. Often, there is only one cylinder lock located in the handle of the door itself - and this is very simple to break. So how can your upgrade your garage security and ensure that all of your prized possessions are safe? The home security specialists at LockShop Direct will explain.

Double Up Your Security

The easiest way to protect your garage is to add a second lock or bolt. It’s as simple as that. First of all, you must ensure that your current locking system is in great working condition and cannot be forced. If you’re able to compromise it in any way, the next step should be to replace it with something stronger.

Once that’s done, consider investing in a drop bolt or something similar. For detached garages, these can be secured using a padlock. For garages with access to the house, all you need to do is apply the bolt to the inside and engage it whenever you’re locking up for the evening. A garage door with two locks is twice as secure.

Try an Electronic System

Manual locks can be easy to pick, but electronic key fobs can be much harder to dupe. The technology inherent in these wonderful pieces of equipment has improved vastly over recent decades, so it’s easy to choose the set up that is right for you.

There are systems that can be remotely managed too - so you can check that your garage is locked and allow or deny access from wherever you are.

Of course, there’s no reason not to retain a manual lock alongside your electronic model if you know you will not be relying on the remote access option regularly - as we mentioned above, two locks are always better than one.

Implement Other Security Technology

It’s not just about locks. Installing CCTV is often helpful, as not only will it allow you to see what’s going on around your garage at any time of day, but a visible often acts as a deterrent to thieves, as they are often spooked if they believe they may be being watched.

An automatic light or an alarm may also do the trick - these are tried and tested methods that have stood the test of time for good reason.

If you have any questions about potential garage security options for your home, simply contact LockShop Direct today on 0845 830 0832 or via email right here. Give as much detail as you can about your current situation and what you would like to achieve. Our experts will be more than happy to talk you through your options and help you to decide what will work best for your current setup.

Author: Richard Nash

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