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What are Anti-Snap Door Cylinders and How Can I Benefit From One?

Wednesday, 05 December 2018

What are Anti-Snap Door Cylinders and How Can I Benefit From One?

The cylinder of your door lock, which contains and operates the multi-locking points, is actually the part that is most at risk when it comes to break ins. Snapping this part renders the rest of the lock useless - without any picking or drilling involved at all. This means that all the other precautions you may have taken to secure the mechanism or to ensure that it is suitably complex - so as to ward off even the most skilled intruders - will thenceforward be of no use whatsoever.


Luckily, LockShop Direct stocks some of the most effective specialist hardware on the market that is designed to prevent this scarily simple breaking and entering method completely. We’re talking, of course, about anti-snap door cylinders. These sturdy items make the perfect addition to your front and back door security set-up, and work to deter any and all attempts to gain access to your property by damaging the basic locking mechanism.


So How do Anti-Snap Door Cylinders Work?

A typical cylinder lock can easily be broken if its body extends further than 5 mm beyond the leaf of your door. The benefit of installing an anti-snap door cylinder is that it actually provides a “false front” to your lock, which may be broken off during a break in attempt but leaves the main security mechanism intact - so that it can continue to do its job and keep your property secure.


How Can I Benefit From an Anti-Snap Door Cylinder?

The answer is clear - these protective mechanisms add a virtually impenetrable layer of protection to your door locks, tricking would-be burglars and home invaders into destroying a major means of forcing entry your home and thereby keeping you, your family and your valuables secure.

This particular type of hardware is designed to be damaged, providing a kind of “sacrificial” extension to your lock that can be snapped off to prevent unwanted entry and creating a barrier that keeps the door firmly secured - though this does not mean that you’re trapped in your home or that the mechanism is rendered useless until you replace it; you are still absolutely able to lock and unlock your door as usual until the time comes that you are able to replace your anti-snap cylinder.

LockShop Direct provides a wide range of anti-snap door cylinders that come in many different metals and finishes, including nickel, chrome and brass. We offer a variety of sizes and looks - each of which is extremely secure and boasts approximately 100,000 different and unique combinations, key registration features, high-security dimple cut blade keys, classic 12 telescopic pin tumbler systems, superb a kite mark certifications on the open profile critical area and a ten year warranty, meaning your security will be assured for many, many years to come.


Which are The Best Anti-Snap Door Cylinders Available?

The team at LockShop Direct have decades’ worth of experience in selecting the very best security products available - so we only offer the finest and most effective anti-snap door cylinders for you to choose from.

We think that the cylinders available from veteran manufacturers Yale and ABS are among the best you’ll find, and they don’t get much better than the following designs.



Yale Superior 1* Euro Key & Turn Cylinder

Not only is this product anti-snap, but it’s also anti-bump and pick, helping you to fight against any break in attempts that may occur. You can order it in either a brass or chrome finish, and it features a thumb-turn lock on the inside, making it easily operable by all residents of your home. This mechanism has been tested to TS007 1* kite marked standard and is Secured By Design approved.

Yale Superior 1* Euro Double Cylinder

Yale never do things by half, so of course this mechanism doesn’t simply stop at anti snap either - it’s also anti bump, anti pick and anti drill. It’s also tested to TS007 1* kitemarked standard, and available in double, paired alike or thumbturn models that you can choose in either a brass or nickel finish.



ABS British standard 3* Euro Key & Turn Cylinder

This ABS model works using a lever/lever operation system, offering extra security by specifying a specific position for the thumb turn in order to allow any other key holder entry. This product is available in keyed alike, single & double profile formats, and in either a brass or chrome finish. In fact, you can select everything from size to snap side, turn side and turn degree.

ABS BS 3* Euro Double Cylinder

This mechanism offers anti snap, anti pick, anti bump and anti drill solutions as well as master keyed and keyed alike options. The lock features six pins and comes with three keys to enable entry for trusted household members. It’s tested to TS007 standard and 3 star kite marked. The lock comes with either a brass or chrome finish and also features a unique patented locking cam, along with police preferred Secured by Design accreditation.

ABS British Standard 3* Euro Single Cylinder

This ingenious single cylinder solution is anti pick, anti bump, anti pull and anti drill, and also features Snap Secure Technology, meaning that the cam locks against the internal side of the cylinder if the lock is “broken”, which means any would-be intruder is completely unable to succeed using manual methods after the initial attempt. The lock comes in brass or chrome and is available with six pins and three keys. It holds a 3* British standard kite mark, is SS312 diamond accredited, Secured By Design approved and available keyed alike.


To take a closer look at these anti snap cylinder locks or any similar products available from LockShop Direct, simply view these specialist items.


LockShop Direct also provides emergency lock repairs and key cutting services, so if you require the assistance of any of our friendly team members, just call us on 0845 830 0832 or fill in our handy contact form, which can be found here.

Author: Richard Nash

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