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What Is A Smart Padlock And Why Do I Need One?

Thursday, 27 April 2023

What Is A Smart Padlock And Why Do I Need One?

Smart padlocks are modern lock devices that offer convenience and have plenty of other benefits.

Throughout this article, our experts explain what smart padlocks are, how they work, their benefits and if they’re suitable for you.

What is a smart padlock?

Controlled using a bluetooth device, PIN, fingerprint or smartphone app, smart padlocks are locking devices that allow for keyless and remote access.

Smart padlocks come in many shapes, sizes, and materials for outdoor and indoor use - gym lockers, shed doors, parcel boxes and gates.

How does a smart padlock work?

Smart padlocks operate differently depending on their connectivity and lock mechanism.

There are two types of smart padlocks: bluetooth and bluetooth/Wi-Fi.

Each offers convenient keyless access. However, bluetooth devices operate offline, whereas Wi-Fi models can operate from miles away using a network connection.

Bluetooth-only smart padlocks

This type of padlock uses bluetooth technology for keyless entry. Bluetooth smart padlocks can be controlled using a phone or fob and require the user to be in a local vicinity.

Most importantly, bluetooth smart padlocks operate offline and don’t need an internet connection. For this reason, they’re the most reliable type of padlock as they work even if mobile networks are down.

Wi-Fi/bluetooth smart padlocks

As well as offering offline bluetooth access via apps or fobs, Wi-Fi/bluetooth smart padlocks also provide remote access using an internet connection.

People can use an app to remotely unlock and lock the device from work, the gym or wherever they may be.

What are the benefits of smart padlocks?

There are multiple fantastic advantages to using smart padlocks that includes the following:


With a smart padlock, there’s no need for keys or combinations, which can be easily misplaced or forgotten, leaving your padlock unusable - fingerprints, phones or fobs are much more convenient instead.

Remote Access

Wi-Fi locks are unlocked remotely - dog walkers or couriers leaving parcels in lockboxes can gain access with your permission.

Some smart padlocks can even link to Airbnb apps – renters can remotely provide passcodes or PINs to guests that expire after their stay.

The need to leave keys around that can be misplaced or stolen is then eliminated, keeping properties secure but accessible to approved visitors.

Access can be monitored

Some smart padlocks offer safety functions that track access and attempted access, updating the owner through an app. Users can then report attempted theft to the police.

Multiple means of unlocking

Smart padlocks are unlocked using apps, fobs, fingerprints, and passcodes - people can select the lock that best suits them. One padlock can even use multiple lock mechanisms to allow access if one method fails.

Keyless locks can’t be picked either, meaning the property is extra secure.


Smart padlocks are made from robust materials such as zinc alloys and hardened steel.

This makes them difficult to break and resistant to corrosion - although some aren’t suitable for outdoor use, so you should check before you use them outside.

Is a smart padlock suitable for your needs?

Consider your lifestyle and needs when deciding whether a smart padlock is best for you.

If you don't require remote access and don’t carry a smartphone, you’re best opting for a key or combination padlock. However, a smart padlock can make life more convenient if you desire remote access and carry your smartphone frequently.

Similarly, if you'd feel more relaxed knowing attempted access is monitored, then smart padlocks are ideal for you.

Invest in a smart padlock from us

At Lockshop Direct, we’re a trusted provider of home security devices, including smart padlocks.

We only stock the most reliable brands in safe securing solutions to ensure customers receive the most effective products.

To speak with a specialist, give us a call on 0330 174 0851 or email us at" and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Author: Innocent Olwo

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