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What is The Difference Between A Key Cabinet And A Safe?

Wednesday, 15 March 2023

What is The Difference Between A Key Cabinet And A Safe?

Managing and storing away valuables has never been easier with key cabinets and safes. Both offer significant protection to their contents and are extremely unlikely to be overcome by thieves.

Whilst key cabinets and safes open and lock the same, their purposes differ.

Throughout this article, we will explore what safes and key cabinets are, where they’re used and how they differ.

What is a key cabinet?

A key cabinet is a secure storage box to keep multiple physical keys safe and organised.

The box is usually fixed to an immovable surface and locks using a combination or key mechanism. Each key is hung on a numbered hook to make the right key easy to find.

Without key cabinets, keys become accessible to thieves, can be easily misplaced, and are hard to find efficiently. Not to mention making your business operations look unprofessional in front of staff and customers.

So, what industries most likely require a key cabinet?

Key cabinets are ideal for business premises with multiple rooms, vehicles, and points of access.

The following industries can benefit from installing a safe and sturdy key cabinet.


Hotels with hundreds of rooms or small guest houses must organise and safeguard room keys to make their business run securely and efficiently.

Without one, several issues could arise:

  • The incorrect key could be handed out to guests, meaning hassle and a slower check-in for tired lodgers
  • Keys could go missing, meaning costly new locks need to be installed
  • Thieves may capitalise on the disorder and steal room keys without being noticed

Estate agents

Letting agents must safeguard and order their keys to prevent break-ins and efficiently manage properties.

Using a key cabinet helps them to keep track of each key by numbering key hooks or providing customisable hook labels.

Car hire firms

Car rental companies have many vehicles to organise and keep track of - a key cabinet enables a more efficient and speedier car handover.

Without secure key storage, car keys can be stolen before staff have realised.

Other places that can benefit from key cabinets include schools, hospitals and offices with multiple rooms and plenty of filing cabinets to monitor.

What is a safe?

A safe, also known as a strongbox, is a lockable metal box used to store and protect valuables from thieves or fires. Safes are useful devices that have offered much-needed protection for millenniums.

Unlike a key cabinet, safes are usually much deeper and have compartments rather than a back wall of hooks.

Safes are available in many designs but generally consist of a cast metal cylinder with a door or lid that secures using a locking mechanism.

Locking mechanisms include key or combination locks, with some high-tech safes even being alarmed.

Where are safes installed?

Safes are used in both homes and businesses to protect valuables – they’re usually hidden away out of view to deter thieves further.

Any business that keeps bank notes, expensive technology or documentation, and client information on-site should invest in a safe.

Under GDPR legislation- it is a legal requirement to keep these things securely locked away too! If private customer information is stolen, your business could face legal punishment and develop a tarnished reputation that’s hard to rebuild.

Safes are also bought for domestic properties to protect money, important documents, jewellery, car keys, and laptops.

Invest in a key cabinet or safe from us

Lockshop Direct is an experienced provider of home security products, including key cabinets and safes.

We pride ourselves in only stocking the most trusted and respected brands in safe securing solutions, including Yale, Asec and Chubbsafes.

Are you looking to speak to specialists regarding security products for your needs? If so, feel free to give us a call on 0330 174 0851 or email us at

Author: Innocent Olwo

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