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What Type Of Door Lock Do I Need?

Monday, 18 July 2022

What Type Of Door Lock Do I Need?

Sadly, burglaries happen more than you think. Recent police reports have informed us that 33% of burglaries in the UK are classed as unlawful entry. Not taking the necessary steps to secure your property makes it easier for intruders to gain access with little to no force at all. 

Something as simple as investing in high-quality locks can reduce your risk of burglary by a third - so you could say it’s a worthwhile expense. 

But what door lock should you buy?

Today we’ll go through the types of door locks we have available here at LockShop Direct and give you a better understanding of how they work.

Types of door lock

The type of door lock you need depends on: 

  • The location of your door (internal or external)
  • The material of your door 
  • How the lock system works.

Here is a summary of some of the most popular types of lock. 

Mortice locks 

Mortice locks are designed to sit in a pocket cut into the edge of your door. 

They’re so popular because of how easy they are to install. Brands including Yale and Era create locks that guarantee the perfect fit, so you never have to worry about wonky locks that are easy to break. 

This type of door lock has a metal snib that secures into the door frame. The internal spring assists the knob and handles to return to their original position. 

You may see mortice locks being referred to as a deadlock or a sash lock. A deadlock has an additional keyhole to support the bolt, whereas a sash lock has a bolt, latch and pair of handles. 

As each door is different, we stock a variety of sizes, colours and finishes in our range of mortice locks. 

Mortice locks are most commonly fitted on external doors, and are simple to change by yourself, so you don’t need to call out for a professional. 

Cylinder locks 

Another popular door lock amongst our customers is the cylinder lock

This key-operated lock is designed and tested specially to protect against forced entry. Cylinder locks drive a deadbolt into the frame of the door, securing the door in place. 

To measure a cylinder lock, all you need to do is measure the distance from the centre of the screw hole to the edge of the handle backplate on the outside. Round this up to the nearest 5mm and you’ve got your measurement.

This type of door lock is most commonly found on uPVC and composite external doors. Many commercial buildings such as offices and schools use cylinder locks on internal doors for extra security.


Rim Cylinder locks

Last but not least, is rim cylinder locks

Also referred to as night latches and Yale locks, rim cylinder locks are used on external doors and are opened from the outside using a key and a lever on the inside. 

When the door is closed, the rim cylinder locks the door automatically. This makes leaving the house a lot quicker and means you don’t have to worry about checking if the door is locked behind you. 

Rim cylinder locks are usually fitted to wooden or timber doors.

Get your new door lock from LockShop Direct

LockShop Direct is one of the leading providers of door locks in the UK. Promising ultimate safety and modern alternatives to traditional safety measures. 

Shop our range of door locks today and reduce your risk of being burgled.

If you have any further questions about door locks or any other products we have available, don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you’d like to chat with us directly about your options, give us a call between 8:30 am and 5 pm in the week on 0330 174 0851. Or, if you prefer, send over your questions in an email to and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Author: Innocent Olwo

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