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Why Choose LockShop Direct for All Padlocks?

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Why Choose LockShop Direct for All Padlocks?

Padlocks are a wonderfully simple and effective solution to a great many security issues. Whether you are hoping to add extra protection to a gate, animal cages, a bike stand, a shed or even a locker or gun cabinet, padlocks are sturdy, simple to use and difficult to circumvent or break.

At LockShop Direct, we stock a wide variety of padlocks - each of which offers a whole selection of different features to improve the safety of your property. Here are just a few of the designs and models you can choose from.

1. Simple Traditional Padlocks and Level Padlocks

Sometimes, all you need are the basics. Our brass padlocks come in a range of different sizes depending on their desired use, and we usually provide two keys as standard. They’re so simple to use - just press the shackle into its hole in the main body of the lock to secure (you rarely need a key to lock a traditional brass padlock - they tend to just be provided for unlocking). For a strong classic look along with bulked up resistance, choose the Fire Brigade FB1 Padlock. It’s easy to lock and unlock, and also features an ultra-sturdy curved appearance; you can’t go wrong with this tried and tested piece of kit.

2. Combination Padlocks

For something a little more contemporary and complex, our combination padlocks feature options from the traditional-looking to the sharp and modern. Select and set your code, and your property will be safe and only accessible by you from then on. Depending on your preference, you can usually choose from codes that are either three or four digits in length. Simply align the numbers in the right order, and the lock will automatically release. Remember not to leave the code written down in plain sight! We love the Squire Stronghold range which goes above and beyond with a five digit code for extra safety.

3. High Security Padlocks

Didn’t think padlocks constituted part of a high security system? Think again! Many of our heavy duty industrial padlocks are weatherproof and feature 6 pin mechanisms that render them even more durable than other models. The Master ProSeries range is particularly effective, with a number of body widths on offer - each one with an extra tough boron alloy shackle, dual ball bearing locking and a Xenoy thermoplastic cover. They are also non key retaining - making them totally foolproof.

4. Weatherproof Padlocks

The weatherproof padlocks we stock at LockShop Direct are marine standard, so they are well protected against rust and unaffected by humidity. They are even resistant to salt water. Take a look at our Abus 83WPIB Series Submariner Padlock that comes with a sealed lock body for extra weather resistance and a NanoProtect rust resistant shackle. This model also features ball bearing locking and a non key retaining mechanism.

5. CEN Padlocks

It’s definitely worth looking into the benefits of a CEN credited lock. CEN stands for Central European Norm, and if you see these initials, you’ll know that the lock you’re looking at meets a high industry standard. Consider a CEN rated padlock if you want to make the property it protects easily insurable. There are different levels of CEN rating - numbered 4 and 6. While CEN 4 is considered high security, CEN 6 is the highest possible level of protection available. CEN 6 rated locks are rare - but thankfully, you can trust LockShop Direct to have them in stock!

Above are just a few of the padlock options you can find at LockShop Direct. Many of our models are available in different sizes, and you can choose between long shackle, open shackle and closed shackle designs. We also stock discus locks and motorbike and bicycle chains.

To enable your new padlock to work to the best of its ability, it is always advisable to invest in a high quality security chain to go along with it - particularly if the lock would otherwise be used with a wood mounted hasp and staple, as the wood around these fittings can easily splinter when forced.

If you’d like a little more information about the equipment we offer, or you’re not sure what model would best suit your purposes and would like some advise, all you need to do is call the friendly LockShop Direct team today on 0845 830 0832 or fill in our handy contact form that can be found here. Our experts can also help you if your locks require emergency repairs or you need new keys cutting.

Author: Richard Nash

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