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Cylinder Cam Locks (23)

There are several ways through which you can keep valuable and sensitive possessions safe and secure. Cylinder cam locks are ideal locks for keeping documents and other valuables inaccessible to any intruder or unauthorised persons.

Cylinder cams are used to lock drawers, storage units, cupboards, lockers and tool boxes. Such cam locks can be used on wooden, glass and metallic lockable utilities. There are a wide variety of high quality cylinder cam locks used today, and they vary with the way they operate, materials used to make them, and the level of security.

The idea behind cylinder cam locks system is a hardened, stainless steel inserts running throughout the cylinder to offer protection against drilling, pulling and other vandalisms. Some cylinder cam locks allow you to remove the keys in both unlocked and locked state, while some you can only remove the keys when locked to prevent accidental locked in keys.

Benefits of Using Cylinder Cam Locks

Modern cylinder cam locks are easy to install and do not require special knowledge to fix. They also come with special additional features to enhance security. For convenience, cylinder cam locks are available with removable cores which allow you to change the cores easily and quickly. If you have lost your keys or your keys are damaged, you can instantly re-key your locks by changing the keying combination. Re-keying your cam locks regularly is a good practice that ensures security for your valuables at all times. Some cylinder cam locks come with a profile double cylinder feature and an emergency feature that allows the lock to open when the corresponding key is inserted and turned either side.

A more advanced cam lock is the electronic cylinder cam locks designed for loss and liability management. The cylinder is wired to the door and is powered by rechargeable key. Such special cylinder cam locks offer flexible authorisation, usage audit and faster retrofit to the existing hardware.  Electronic cam locks offer controlled access, physical security, security management and accountability. These smart locks allow regular security audit as well as automatic scheduling.

Whether you intend to safeguard your valuables in the office or at home, you can fit one of the many available cylinder cam locks, which are ideal for office drawers, cabinets, lockers, garage toolbox, cupboards or any other metallic, wooden or glass lockable utility. There are many available brands in the market today, and you can make a choice based on your security needs and budgets. When buying a lock, ensure that the relevant security associations approve it in your locality.

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