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Door Rebates (43)

A door rebate is the part of a door frame, where the latch is attached to. This door rebates, go hand in hand with latches, sash locks and deadlocks. That could be finished using brass, stainless steel, chrome and nickels preventing them from rusting. Additionally, it is easy to install on any doors. They help in creating tightness between the door and the locking mechanism in place. It increases the efficiency of a door lock towards its functions and is a must use whenever there's a new installation of a new mechanism. Let us delve into the vast range of door rebates.

Rebates to suit the Legge 3721/3722 Tubular Latches and Legge 3721, 3722, 3722 LK and 3724LK latches

Rated 5 stars, is finished in brass coating preventing it from wearing out during open and closing of the doors. This rebate allows a mortice lock usable on double or French doors.  It suits, Legge 3721/3722, Tubular latches and Legge 3721, 3722 LK, 3722 and 3724LK is only available in 13mm.

Rebates to suit Union Strong BOLT 2100 Deadlocks

Unlike other brands at least this one comes with sizes, i.e., 13mm and 25mm. easily fixable, this rebate kit slides on either of the doors allowing for the mortice lock to be installed.  Uniquely, suits a union stronghold 2100 deadlocks. The 13mm is coated in brass while the 25mm is coated in satin chrome.

Rebates to suit Union Strong BOLT 2200 Sash locks

Modelled to suit union strong bolt off 2200 Sash locks.  Designed to allow a mortice lock on the doors. Apart from that, it is uniquely meant to fit for Sash locks. Can be used on various doors such as French doors among others. Comes in the variety of sizes 13 and 25 mm coated in chrome and brass respectively.

Rebates to Fit Legge 5641/5642 BS Deadlocks and Legge BVB Value Deadlocks, Legge 1645/1765, Deadlocks,   Lever Deadlocks and Legge Lever Deadlocks

Highly durable because of the brass coat preventing it from rust thereby increasing its lifespan. Available in 13mm only, this rebate is easy to use as it slides right to allow mortice usable on French doors and other doors.  Apart from it, suits Legge 5641/5641, BVB Value Deadlocks 1642/1765 and TWh 5511. It also comes with two series namely 41B coated with brass and 41s coated with satin chrome.

Rebates to suit Briton 5250

A rebate built to specifically suit the Briton 5251, measuring 13mm coated in brass is a rebate that is uniquely designed to fit any door model. It allows a mortice lock inside for concrete support.

Rebates to suit Imperial G5050 Sash locks

Available in 13mm, the imperial G5050 rebates is specially made to suit Sash locks.  Can be installed on bathroom, toilet and kitchen doors those that need to remain closed after use.  It comes with a pierced case that allows screwing quickly into furniture. Available in two finishes, i.e., satin stainless steel and satin brass that is quite appealing. It also features a bolt and 5mm spindle to be used during installation.

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