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Multipoint Accessories & Keeps (74)

A quality door lock is one of the most common mechanisms that can enhance your home, office, or garage security. Different situations and security needs require a specific type of lock that can address the need with no compromise. Multipoint locks and door keepers can be used to ensure your door is locked properly with a low probability of any unauthorized person accessing your home. Multipoint locks can be used for both your UPVC and wooden doors and provide one of the most secure ways of locking your doors. A multipoint lock is made up of a variety of locking devices which include: roller, hooks, bolts and tongues. With these different parts, which wear and tear day in day out, one or more of these components may fail to function thus compromising your home security.

A keep on the other hand is a metallic part fixed to the door frame, which the locking part of the lock goes into. Due to friction, a keep also wears more quickly than the other parts of the lock and may need replacement. If you have a problem with a part of the multipoint lock or the keep, it makes it easier for thugs to break into your home, and your premise is no longer safe. But no need to worry, we have great value multipoint accessories and keeps that are much cheaper than replacing the whole lock.

Multipoint accessories & keeps are related to the lock type and brand as well as the profile of the plastic; hence you need to be very sure of your lock brand before replacing any of the components. We offer a wide range of full length keeps, universal profile keeps, deadbolts keeps, individual keeps and latch keeps. We also offer an array of multipoint accessories for locks made by Roto, G-U, Ferco, Winkhaus, Truth, W&F and Hoppe among many others. To purchase replacement multipoint accessories and keeps, you need to be sure of the brand to ensure that the lock continues to function normally. So the first thing to do is to identify the brand of your particular lock to help us know the specific multipoint accessories & keeps suitable for you. This is mainly because each lock brand has unique styles and features. You can identify your lock brand with the name or logo found on the faceplate.

The Position of the Locking Point Matters

When you are replacing any multipoint component, you need also to confirm the type of the locking points, since there are several combinations. Identify several critical details including the width of the faceplate, position and type of the locking part, distance from the pivot of the handles to the thumb turn, as well as the distance between the edges of the lock to the center of the door handle.

The installation of the multipoint accessories or the keeps should be well balanced on the door to ensure smooth locking of the door.  With this in mind, it is therefore advisable to purchase all the accessories from the same source where you bought the lock. We have most of the common brands of multipoint accessories and keeps and we will offer our locksmith to install them for you at an affordable charge.

If you need help working out door handing and other measurement guides click here.

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