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Safes & Key Cabinets

With the huge selection of safes and key cabinets, choosing the right safe and key cabinet for your home can be troublesome if you don't know what you are doing. Nowadays, there are a lot of fake safes and key cabinets in the market, and without proper research, you mind end up with an easy-to-crack item. You should also ensure that the safe or the key cabinet has all the features you need to keep your valuables safe. Here is what you should know about safes and key cabinets before making a purchase.

Four key points you should be aware of when it comes to buying safes.

1.    No matter how secure and reliable the brand claims to be, you must replace or change the locking mechanism on a regular basis. You can’t afford to tolerate any damage if you have the feeling that you can’t tolerate the loss of your valuables

2.    Even though some key cabinets and safes only protect valuables at a certain temperature, it is important you contact the fire brigade as soon as possible if a fire occurs.

3.    Technology improves with time, and so do key cabinets and safe. If you own a safe that is very old, purchasing spare parts is more expensive than purchasing a new one

4.    When your safe or key cabinet is being serviced, keep your eye on the service man as there will be risks such as key duplicating. Also never leave your key cabinet unattended.

Tips for selecting a key cabinet or a safe

•    Quality - Consider going for a safe that is of high quality to ensure you get the ultimate protection of your valuables. Review the company product descriptions, manufacturer’s information, and if possible look for the reviews from previous customers to know how secure the item is.

•    Temperature - Make sure that the key cabinet has a maximum temperature tolerance of more than 6000C for thirty minutes.

•    Leg lock - Ensure the Leg Lock system is perfect if you want the safe to stay in one spot firmly. A good locking stem will fix the safe to the ground firmly and prevent it from falling or toppling over.

•    Durability - The cash you will spend on buying a key cabinet or a safe is important, so make sure you get an item that will serve you for many years.

•    Design - The exterior design of your safe should be flawless. The safe should not have any dents or defects in the door, corners, and hinges.

Are you ready to buy Safes and Key cabinets?

Why not browse our Huge Selection of Safes and Key Cabinets? We have Safes and Key cabinets for any office or environment. We have sold millions of Safes and Key cabinets to several happy customers across the globe, so you are in safe hands.

If you'd like to proceed, select your preferred Safe and Key cabinet then follow our straightforward checkout system. See you on the other side.

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