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UPVC Letterplates (8)

UPVC Letterplates provides an incredible external weather seal and an internal seal to protect the home from outside elements. The internal brushes decrease the heat loss while the external foam seal prevents weather ingress. The good value for money UPVC Letterplates does all these plus other great things to ensure your home is secure.

The external and internal thumb handles make it simple to open the flaps. Moreover, these Letterplates have sprung flaps which have a very high endurance rate. UPVC Letterplates have taken care of a lot of people and their valuables in the entire world. You can be secure and safe in the knowledge that fitting UPVC Letterplates means a complete assurance and protection of your property. UPVC Letterplates are among the oldest brands in the globe with one of the best-known name in the locking industry.

Handle and Hinges stock Letterplates to suit 99 percent of aluminium doors.

How to measure a UPVC Letterplate

1.    Remove the letterbox from the top side
2.    Measure the height of the Letterplate and record the measurements
3.    Measure the length and take down the measurements
4.    Then measure the width of the Letterplate
5.    When buying a replacement, purchase the UPVC letterbox with the closest measurements with your recordings.

How to install a Letterplate in UPVC doors

Having a Letterplate on your door means you will not be going for the morning trips to the mailbox in winter. With a Letterplate, your mails are delivered right to your doorstep. Although installing a little plate into a door may seem like a challenging task, with a little know-how and preparation, you will be doing it fast and like an expert.

Unlike wooden doors, the UPVC doors come with an aperture that is ready to fit a Letterplate. It is not advisable to cut your own Letterplate into a UPVC door. However, you can effectively replace or fit an existing Letterplate in a UPVC door by following the guidelines below.

1.    Measure the aperture in your door and then compare with the internal sizes of your Letterplate to get a perfect fit.
2.    If you are replacing Letterplate, make sure you measure the postal slot and then compare the sizes with your new letterbox.
3.    Measure your door?s thickness to make sure you select the right Letterplate width.
4.    Use a Philips screw driver to get rid of your existing Letterplate if it?s in place
5.    Align the screws and then screw into place.

Though installing a Letterplate is not a complicated thing, it requires skill and accuracy with the tools which need to be used. Some of these tools include a tape measure, power drill and drill bit, pencil, safety glasses, electric sander, ruler, spirit level, medium-coarse sandpaper, and jigsaw blade.

Do not force anything or risk the damage to the door. Moreover, safety should be a consideration. Wear goggles to protect your eyes form the flying bits of wood. Be patient and take your time and finally you will have a fully functional Letterplate.

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