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How to Measure a Multipoint Lock

If you need to buy a replacement Multipoint lock for your UPVC Door it can be a confusing process with so many brands on the market to choose from and lots of dimensions to make note of.

So to make it easy we've pulled together the following easy-to-follow guide which will help you identify the model you currently have so that you are ready to order a replacement multipoint lock today on Lock Shop Direct.

Before this however it is important to understand the five different types of locking operation which we have detailed below. Once you have read this please follow steps 1 to 5 below.

Step 1
Firstly you will need to identify the manufacturer of your multipoint lock. You should find their logo stamped on the strip itself (on the faceplate or gearbox usually).

Step 2
Next you need to find out the Backset and Centre measurements. This can be done by measuring the parts highlighted in green on the diagram below. The Backset is measured from the front of the faceplate to the centre of the euro hole cut out. The measurement for the Centres is the distance from the centre of the spindle to the centre of the euro hole cut out.

These are shown as measurements A (Backset) and B (Centres) below:

Step 3
Next you need to make a note of which type of Locking Points you have and the order that they are fixed to the strip. Below are the various types of Locking Points available:

Step 4
The next step is to measure the distance from each of the various locking points on the strip to the centre of the spindle. These are shown as C, D, E and F on the above diagram.

Step 5
Lastly you need to measure the width of the faceplate in mm (as that is the unit of measurement we use here on Lock Shop Direct) and see if your faceplate is flat (Flat Plate) or U Shaped (U-Rail).

Now you have measured all the necessary parts you are ready to search through our selection available here (arranged by manufacturer as per step one) and find your new multipoint lock.

Our expert team also highly recommend the new Versa Multi-fit Replacement Multipoint Lock which has been designed to replace the largest range of multipoint locks on the market.

If you need further help why not complete our interactive form which can be downloaded here or by clicking the below icon:

Once completed please return the form to us at and we will direct you to the right lock!

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