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How to Diminish the Risk of Winter Break-ins

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

How to Diminish the Risk of Winter Break-ins

The cover of darkness makes it more difficult to spot individuals lurking where they shouldn’t - plus, unwelcome guests become harder to identify.

It’s a worrying trend. However, there’s a great deal you can do to protect your home against intruders. In this article, the security specialists at LockShop Direct will explain a few great approaches to keeping your home and possessions safe in winter.


Purchase a security light

Automatic lights of this kind are triggered by movement sensors. You can set the range of your light so that it only focuses on your property. It will then switch on automatically when anything moves into its field of sensitivity.

This means that intruders will no longer have the cover of darkness on their side and will be more likely to leave your property alone.


Install security cameras

Not only will CCTV help to catch any trespassers and identify them, but the physical presence of cameras may actually serve to dissuade would-be criminals from targeting your home.

Wireless sets are extra useful as it is harder to cut wires and take them out of action. Doorbell cameras are also extremely handy, as they can capture images of individuals trying to force their way in or pick locks.


Set up an alarm system

Catch intruders by surprise with an infrared or contact activated alarm. You can fit alarms either inside or outside your property, and affix them to both doors and windows.

Keep valuables out of sight

You’re more likely to be stolen from if passing thieves can spot items worth stealing. Keep curtains and blinds shut at night and ensure your valuables away from windows. Put away items like gardening tools instead of keeping them outside.

You should also take precious items in from your car at night, and refrain from leaving sets of keys near the front door.

Why not invest in a safe to keep your valuables doubly secure?


Cut down on hiding places

Think of all the areas outside your house where a person could hide, and find a way of making them inaccessible or a little more exposed. Cut back hedges, leave no gaps between wheelie bins and walls and install outdoor lights as mentioned earlier.


Never reveal that your home is unoccupied

Whether you’re off in search of winter sun or just out to visit friends, an obviously empty house is an easy target. Don’t post on social media that you’re heading off on holiday. Leave a light on in your home to give the impression that someone is in.

If a would-be burglar thinks that a resident is in, they are far less likely to make an attempt on your property.

For helpful security hardware to ensure your home is protected over winter, browse our range of high quality products today.

You can also contact our team on 0845 830 0832 or send us an email.

Author: Richard Nash

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