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Keep Your House Secure with Door Locks from Lock Shop Direct

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Keep Your House Secure with Door Locks from Lock Shop Direct

Lock Shop Direct stocks door locks and security systems developed by the most trusted brand names in the UK and the wider world. Read on to discover the types of lock they have available and find out which might be the most suitable for you and your home.

Mortice Locks and Latches

These are the most commonly used security devices for external domestic doors, and with good reason. Their advent in the middle of the 18th Century saw mortice locks developed as security mechanisms for only the most upmarket of homes, containing all kinds of finery and valuables that required the highest standard of protection. As they became easier to produce, they became cheaper and more accessible to the general public, and more and more households were able to benefit from having a mortice lock fitted. The older style of mortice lock is now experiencing a resurgence of popularity due to the current fashion for rustic and vintage décor, but between the height of its prevalence and the modern day, this traditional style of lock has inspired the development of other, more modern iterations. The tubular latch, the mortice deadbolt, the rim deadlock (which is best used for gates or internal doors) are all descendants of the original mortice style lock.

Night Latches and Rim Locks

These types of lock are alternative versions of some of the models mentioned previously. You may know the night latch as a “Yale Lock”, simply because Yale, the prolific and trusted security system company, have become synonymous with this product (much like Hoover and the vacuum cleaner). This type of lock is attached to a door and is best used alongside a product that is embedded in the door itself to double the protective strength, as it is possible to force a night latch if it is deployed on its own. A rim lock is something of a hybrid between the two. It works in a similar way to a mortice lock, but is attached to the surface of a door instead of fitting within it, much like the night latch.

Door Cylinders

The name “door cylinder” is rather self-explanatory. This type of lock is cylindrical in shape and fits into a hole drilled into the wood of a door for extra security. Lock Shop Direct stocks high quality anti snap cylinder locks that feature two parts - one at the front and one at the back. If the front of the lock is broken, the back will remain in place to prevent forced entry. You can select between single cylinder, double cylinder and key and turn cylinder models for enhanced security and perfect peace of mind.

The above three families of lock are the most popular and commonly utilised for internal and external domestic doors, but there are dozens of different types of lock available - in fact, Lock Shop Direct stocks a lock for virtually any purpose you can think of. From door chains and latch-and-sneck systems for that little extra security to roller shutter bullet locks, key coded access and even cam locks for cupboards and enclosures, you can rest assured that the right security is available for your specific needs. Lock Shop Direct also supply safe locks, digital locks, locks for uPVC doors and windows, garages, gates and much, much more.

Don’t compromise on your domestic security. Take the safe approach and start to explore your options today. If you’re looking to overhaul the door locks throughout your home, search Lock Shop Direct’s selection of sturdy, high quality models on their website. If you’re unsure about which types of lock will work best for you and your home, all you need to do is get in touch with their team today on 0845 830 0832 or email for further assistance and advice. Their offices are open from 8.30am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. Whatever you needs in terms of security, don’t hesitate to ask.

Author: Richard Nash

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